Cancellation & Refund Policy


Interluxe's varieties of services are both of a tangible and intangible nature. Due to this, we are unable to issue refunds, credits, or returns for any of our services or products purchased via credit card where a return request has not been made within 72 hours of placing your order. If you registered for the wrong auction, purchased the wrong product, or item, contact us within 72 hours of placing your order and you may be eligible for a service change or refund so long as the item you purchased is not classified as non-refundable.

Buyer Registrations - Bidder's who wish to withdraw their registration from an auction event may request that their registration be withdrawn and request that their registration authorization be released minus any applicable wiring fees or escrow charges (see Auction Terms & Conditions). This request must be made in writing to the Auction Manager of the corresponding property and can only be done prior to being declared the high bidder or in the event that the Bidder is not currently holding the high bid. While most requests can be honored quickly, please allow up to 2 banking days to process this request.

Bidder Processing Fees are non-refundable

All refund or customer services requests should be directed to or you may call 1-888-415-LUXE (5893).

At Interluxe, we dedicate ourselves to offering you the best possible service in a timely manner and to your satisfaction. We strive to connect buyers, sellers and their agents in a straight forward and cost-effective manner. If we can make your experience better, please let us know