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Luxury Home Buying Made Simple

We all know that buying a home can be a stressful process. You have to worry about competing with undisclosed offers, home inspections, uncertain closing dates, and more. Interluxe takes the guesswork out of buying a luxury property. We believe that buying a home should be a wonderful experience – and with an online auction, this experience has never been so easy or efficient.  

How to Get Started.  

It’s quick and easy! Click on the “Sign Up” button at the top right corner of any page to create your free user account.  

Is there a property set for auction on that’s caught your eye? Great! You can “follow” the property to be kept up-to-date with the latest happenings.  

Have an Agent? Get Them Involved!  

We welcome and encourage buyer agent participation (while you definitely do not need an agent to bid or even buy an Interluxe property)! Properties on usually have a listing agent representing the seller, so a buyer’s agent will be able to ensure that your interests are also represented throughout the purchasing process and will be able to communicate to the listing agent on your behalf.  

Found a Property on  

It’s time to learn more! Each property includes a detailed description and photos of the home, as well as standard information about the auction such as the closing period and preview schedule. You can also download a brochure that’ll give a great snapshot of the opportunity.  By using your free user account, you have access to a wealth of due diligence materials that will give you more information about the opportunity  - you’ll have visibility to see more specifics about the auction itself, such as the current bid.  

As a potential buyer, you have access to a dedicated auction manager who will be able to provide you even more information about the opportunity. They’re your personal resource through the process of an online auction, working directly with buyers and their agents. Since our auction managers are dedicated to a specific property, prospective buyers can rest assured they will have a single point of contact for each property on our platform.  

We provide potential bidders the opportunity to preview the home in person prior to auction. While we try to offer as much information as possible online to assist buyers in making an informed decision, nothing beats seeing what you’re bidding on first hand!  

Ready to Register to Bid?  

Once you’ve found the right property for you, it’s time to register to bid. Check out the property page or terms and conditions to find out registration deadlines, bid deposit amounts, and more. On the property page, click the “Register to Bid” button located under the auction clock and follow the prompts. Important registration documents are included in the “Auction Documents” section of due diligence. Here you’ll find the “Buyer Broker Participation” form (if you are using an agent), as well as the “Account Creation and Registration Procedures” that’ll walk you through the process.  

Have questions? Remember, we have a dedicated auction manager on hand to help.  

Pick Your Price.  

We designed the bidding process to be easy. We offer bidders a haggle-free environment, with no negotiating or counter offers to draw out the buying process. You will be able to keep track of your auction in real time so that you can set your own price, and then keep track of all competitive bidding activity.  

Bidding typically ends at 5PM the following day. For example, if the auction starts at 9:00 AM on a Tuesday, then it will be scheduled to end on Wednesday at 5:00 PM. Bidding can be extended by a set period time if a bid is placed during the Final Call Period.  

Should you be the winning bidder, you will be notified by the Interluxe auction manager and will begin preparing for closing on your new property!

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This.  

Interluxe makes buying a luxury property easy. We strive to make each and every transaction as streamlined as possible.  

Your dream property is out there – and more than likely coming soon to What are you waiting for? Create your free user account today. 


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