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Interluxe has revolutionized the way to sell your property online by harnessing the innovative platform and global reach to create an exciting and transparent online purchase experience that maximizes value for your luxury home through a competitive bidding marketplace.  Our program replaces the typical unknowns and limited reach of a traditional listing with a defined and proven process aimed to attract global exposure with fixed timeframes. The result is timely sale at a price you set or possibly even higher.

The perfect buyer is out there. let us help you find them!

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  • Control

    Set the terms to sell your homes online including minimum bids, showing dates, closing length, & contract terms. As the seller, you’re in control!

  • Exposure

    Differentiate your property from others in your market and reach a global audience through our comprehensive and aggressive marketing process.

  • Urgency

    Our time-sensitive auction format generates urgency, resulting in buyers getting off the fence and into the auction.

  • Maximize Value

    By stimulating market demand and generating excitement, sellers can maximize value through competition and transparency.

  • Expertise

    The principals of Interluxe have over 35 years of combined experience and have auctioned nearly 700 million dollar's worth of luxury real estate across 30 states and territories throughout North America. You're in good hands.

  • Innovation

    Interluxe is the preeminent online marketplace dedicated to exclusively serving sellers of non-distressed luxury real estate. We leverage technology to provide an improved experience buying and selling luxury homes.

  • Compatibility

    Not only can you bid from any mobile device, customers can bid via desktop, laptop, and tablet devices as well. We are the only luxury marketplace to offer this capability. More device capability = more potential buyers!

  • Global Reach

    In addition to our global marketing efforts, our exclusive database of over 150,000 high net-worth and ultra-high net worth buyers provides sellers direct access to a vast pool of qualified potential interest.

  • Service

    Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of professionals are committed to providing outstanding and honest service to our clients. Simply put, our service is second to none.

  • Value

    Just because your home is luxury, doesn’t mean you should be charged “luxury” prices. We’re proud to offer the most cost effective solution for our clients that guarantees a seller won’t be exposed to any more risk than a traditional sale.

How We Stack Up
  Traditional Interluxe  
Commissions Typically 4-6% Same +
You and your agents listing agreement remains intact, so they will receive full commission at closing.
Exposure Local/Regional National/Global +
Our exclusive database of over 150,000 high net-worth buyers provides sellers direct access to a vast pool of qualified potential interest.
Transparency None Yes +
Our transparent format makes all terms and conditions clear to all parties. Buyers and sellers appreciate accessible bidding without the hassle of negotiating offers and counter-offers.
Timeframe Avg. 6 mos + 45 days +
Our time-sensitive auction format creates a sense of urgency amongst buyers, resulting in a better opportunity for you to realize the full value of your luxury property.
Control Little Maximum +
You set the terms of your sale including minimum bids, showing dates, closing length, & contract terms. As the seller, you’re in control!
Due Diligence Deals can fall through Deals close +
Due diligence is published on each property, so buyers are fully informed about a property long before bidding - this process leads to quick closings without any surprises.
Convenience Not necessarily Yes +
We make it as easy as possible for qualified buyers to bid from home, work, or even a mobile device - this greatly enhances your pool of potential bidders.
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