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The Virtual Future is Here...

The past several weeks has caused significant challenges for many due to COVID-19 as well as posing logistical challenges in real estate due to social distancing.

At Interluxe, our mission has always been to help our customers achieve the outcomes they desire no matter the market or circumstances. Despite the uncertainty that the COVID-19 crisis has brought, we are grounded in our foundation as being the first luxury real estate platform of its kind to embrace virtual commerce as core to our business. It’s because of these innovations that we are still able to meet our client’s needs and help connect buyers with sellers and their agents to deliver results time and time again.

From videos, virtual open houses, 3D walkthrough tours, to our best in class online bidding platform, we are continually innovating to offer our clients more ways to enhance the experience of buying and selling some of the world’s most exceptional properties all at auction in more virtual ways.

Now more than ever our process is the most effective at creating the results and outcomes that both our buyer and seller clients desire. While traditional real estate operates at the mercy of a volatile marketplace, our process enables savvy sellers to bring their properties to market quickly to our global audience. Buyers feel comfort in being able to bid their price and witness the market’s true opinion of value, every time.

Our recent auction in Asheville is a testament to this… After having been on the market for over a year our comprehensive marketing campaign in the midst of the COVID crisis generated over 10,000 website visitors to the property from 78 countries led by the US, Canada, France, and Germany. Nearly 600 buyers inquired, 48 previews, and 5 bidders competed resulting in a sale that closed in less than 10 days from the end of the auction.

Despite the uncertainty we are seeing great opportunity for both buying and selling. So, don’t let the news cycle or restrictions on normal operation dissuade you from controlling your outcome or getting the home you’ve always dreamed of! With new properties hitting our calendar weekly, we are continuing to grow our offerings and will share exciting new buying opportunities as they come available.


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