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A Growth Opportunity

In the same way that Interluxe streamlines the sales process for buyers and sellers of luxury property, it has a similar impact for the agents who represent them. Whether you're an agent operating on the buyer's side, or the seller's, Interluxe online auctions offer you an additional and predictable channel of revenue without any added legwork.

When you auction a luxury property with Interluxe, it has no impact on your traditional listing agreement, and you retain your entire commission. There are no hidden fees or risks, only a greater opportunity to make a sale.

In today's difficult real estate environment, Interluxe offers you, the agent, a unique opportunity to make transactions happen. While other agents fall prey to the ebbs and flows of a volatile marketplace, you have the chance to differentiate yourself from the competition, and diversify your stream of income.

Consider the benefits of being an agent engaged in an Interluxe online auction:

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