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What Is Interluxe

Buy and Sell On Your Terms. Online.

At Interluxe, we believe that our progressive, proprietary online auction format is the ultimate means to making a sale happen. It's efficient, transparent, and affords buyers, sellers, and agents the ability to control their own real estate destinies. With an Interluxe auction, there's no negotiating, no hidden terms, and absolutely no uncertainty. Instead, you'll find a level, clearly defined playing field where motivated sellers and discerning buyers can connect and do business on their own terms. It's really that simple. It's also a better, more practical way to buy and sell luxury real estate. Which is what more and more of the world's shrewdest sellers, buyers, and listing agents are discovering each and every day on our website.

Interluxe: What's In It For Me?


  • You won't find an easier way to search, compare, bid, and close on a luxury property.
  • Transparency. From inspection reports to real-time bid activity, you'll have access to everything you need to in order to make the most informed purchasing decision possible.
  • No haggling or negotiating with homeowners. Bid online, at your convenience, in a transparent and open true market forum. It's really that simple.
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  • Avoid the common obstacles of the traditional listing process like multiple and sporadic showings, unqualified buyers, and an unknown selling date.
  • Our database gives you access to over 100,000 prospective buyers and 1.5 million agents worldwide
  • The best opportunity to secure true market value for your property.
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  • Avoid contingencies and extended negotiations.
  • Focus your clients on an individual property.
  • Commission is virtually guaranteed.
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