Auctioning Your Luxury Property With Interluxe: A Modern-Day Real Estate Solution

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Why Sell with Interluxe?


You set the terms of your pending sale including minimum bids, preview dates, and auction dates. To see our "Seller's Timeline," please click here.

Our transparent format makes all terms and conditions clear to all parties. All bids are non-contingent so there is no negotiating, and no fear of a sale falling through after the fact.

You avoid exposure to the common inconveniences associated with the traditional listing channel like multiple and sporadic showings, unqualified buyers, and an unknown selling date.

Marketing & Exposure

Our database gives you access to over 100,000 of the world's most discerning luxury homebuyers and over 1.5 million listing agents.

We offer multiple tiers of advertising and marketing services to ensure that your luxury property stands out to as many qualified buyers as possible. For more information about our marketing services, please Contact Us or call (888) 415-LUXE today.

Real Market Value

You can rest assured that every bidder in your auction has been vetted appropriately and has submitted the registration deposit required to participate. They are there to buy your home!

Our marketing efforts, combined with our time-sensitive auction format creates a sense of urgency amongst buyers, resulting in a better opportunity for you to realize the full value of your luxury property.

An online auction allows you to break free from a lagging or saturated marketplace and sell your luxury property at a desirable price.

We make it as easy as possible for qualified buyers to bid from home, work, or even a mobile device - this greatly enhances your pool of potential bidders.

We will facilitate organized, professional home previews for your property's prospective buyers.