Auctioning Your Luxury Property With Interluxe: A Modern-Day Real Estate Solution

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The Interluxe Seller's Timeline

  • 45+ Days to Auction

    • Consult with a member of the Interluxe team to discuss your luxury property, determine your specific needs, and your desired timeline.
    • Determine the starting bid for your auction.
    • Submit the required paperwork, and upload property information, pictures, and due diligence information to be accessed by prospective buyers.
    • Select the Interluxe marketing program that best suits your needs.
  • Less Than 45 Days Out

    • Your luxury property is listed on along with all required inspection reports, forms, and conditions of sale.
    • Your selected marketing program begins.
    • Preview dates for your home are determined and alerts are sent to interested buyers.
  • Day Zero: The Auction

    • In order to elicit the largest number of bids, Interluxe online auctions typically last for a 5-day period. As the seller, you'll be able to track the bids on your luxury property as they occur in real time.
  • Closing Period

    • Your luxury property will close within 30 days of being sold. As soon as your auction is completed, escrow is opened and your designated Auction Manager will walk the buyer through the necessary steps required for formal closing.
    • If you have any additional questions regarding the timeline outlined above, or if you'd like talk to an Interluxe representative about selling your luxury home, please contact us.

Marketing Your Property

Generate Awareness. Build Interest. Celebrate Results.

Sell Your Property Before It Ever Gets To Auction At Interluxe, we offer you several different types of customizable marketing initiatives that can be implemented prior to your auction. Each program is designed to both highlight and differentiate your property for prospective buyers, creating an elevated level of interest and urgency that's likely to result in more competitive bidding come auction time.